Where to stay bali : in a bali most people don't know where to stay

To bring disappointment for a holiday in Bali, you need to understand the nuances of the rest of the island resorts, as well as the characteristics of the areas. If you decide to move to Bali with children, especially with younger people, the first thing to think about is how easily (and often with uncomfortable connections) will the flight endure.

Your kids and you too love a relaxing beach vacation, love to swim, dive? In this case, it should be kept in mind that probably the only Bali beach which is suitable for it, the Jimbaran.

Due to strong waves, for all other beaches, you comfortable entering the sea, swimming and not only children but also not allowed to get out of the water for adults. Jimbaran is a small resort village, category four and several large hotel five stars, Many small hotels without category.

where to stay bali

In Jimbaran, as well as on the entire island, the so-called "Stay Stay", to the villa rented by the owners. This type of housing is especially advantageous for those travellers who are flying to Bali for a long period, and there are many of them.

Homes that are rented out are labeled "homestay" or "use for rent".
You can also book a villa in advance at specific sites, by using other means of groups of social networks and online booking, definitely, you mediators cost of rent is required to be prepared for the fact Commissions will be included.
For rent in Bali, villas are very different. It may be a modest house, one or two bedrooms, a kitchen, and a living room, for rent such as rental options per month 300 - will cost US $ 500.

Bali has many luxury villas, attendant services with its gardens, with a swimming pool, the rental. This option will cost 150 to 300 US dollars per day.
It is convenient in terms of freedom of autonomy accommodation in private villas and hotels, to the kitchen is also important, because it is abundant in the creation of all conditions to enjoy fully all the gifts of the sea, Bali. The largest and cheapest fish market is in Zimbra.

If you have an innate "package tourism", For which the main thing is hotel comfort, you can choose the resort as safely Nusa Dua. So many as the Russian-speaking tourists, this area, I only saw the Turkish and Egyptian resorts.

The hotel is respectable, mostly five-star, great prices in cafes and restaurants. Seminyak like resort hotel resting side-oriented, the only difference is that it is more fun and a little less respectability.
For active youth, as well as those who are young in spirit and discos, bars and hang out in clubs like any kind of comfort, to support a favourite holiday is undoubtedly the ground, it surfers worldwide location is that among many Australians.

      Crazy traffic on the roads, bikers with a surfboard behind him, the noise, the dust, din, an atmosphere of adventure, dating and easy communication - this is Kuta. Accordingly, the prices here are lower than in Nusa Dua and Seminyak, but still a little more tranquil Jimbaran located nearby.
Food prices in Bali are low, especially if it does not have a cafe or restaurant on the beach. Depending on the installation level, a person's lunch cost of eating lunch or dinner will be ten dollars to five, is not cheap wine in Bali - almost two dollars worth of a small bottle of local beer in supermarkets, strong and imported Drinks are many times more expensive.

Consuming if you have to choose the food type in a hotel in Bali that fixed it, then I would advise limiting themselves to you to breakfast because every time enjoy excellent local food establishments are new or like This is a great opportunity.

     Tourists like the romantic fish restaurant so at Jimbaran beach, many, especially coming from different places in Bali. The "trick" of these restaurants is that the cook can cook fish or other seafood for you,
These desires for those who are willing to spend an unforgettable holiday in Bali, and possibly longer. Do not forget that Bali is not only beaches but also great places that you just need to see with my own eyes If luck has allowed you to visit the Golden Island of Bali. Bali is the most beautiful island in Indonesia, which connects the nature of gorgeous green with clean sandy beaches. 

In addition to recreational activities, Bali your guests is a great showcase of life and culture of residents. Touch the great legacy of monuments in, which are in large numbers. Alone nearly a thousand temple.
Holidays in Bali island are multidimensional, which are focused on tourists of all kinds. Cool visitors wishing to stay alone with nature, and impressions and good to rest here for an active thirsty person for continuous movement.
The main thing does not mistake with the choice of resort, choose the exact spot that will suit the type of holiday for you. I will try to identify the most popular resorts, where most tourists.

Nusa Dua :

     Nusa Dua This resort area is the most popular among tourists, both from Russia and other countries. A distinctive feature is that it is a closed area. Only tourists staying at Nusa Dua hotels and staff who are involved in guest service can get here.

The resort itself is considered the most prestigious in Bali, it is characterized by high prices, for both voucher's own internal tourist infrastructure. The most expensive and fashionable hotels are located in this area, most of They provide all-inclusive meals for their guests.

Nusa is the only place of its place of prayer because it is pronounced here that tide, so before going to the beach, you should check the schedule, which is usually hung on the hotel's ground floor, is it possible Will swim or is it worth waiting for the tide?

In general, the location is very good, the service is perfect, which is looking for a relaxing beach holiday, a high level of audience and not much interested in knowing the local culture of Bali.

Kuta :

     Would lead a field life of residents with a place where tourists can enjoy. This Kuta, which is the busiest and be busy, are the most active tourists come here choose affordable hotels for your vacation. For their accommodation is only a place to spend the night. And they spend outside the hotel most of their time. For Surfers Kuta is a great place, Even surfers have their school for beginner athletes.

The entertainment venue in large numbers in the Kuta here is never boring, the music is always played. Also, everything in prices from hotels in the resort restaurant prices are very low. However, I respect the wish to note that beach holidays of quality, I do mean all the other resorts in Kuta Bali, there is not the clear sea,

where to stay bali
The beach in Kuta.

Jimbaran :

     Jimbaran is an ideal place for a comfortable and quiet holiday. Jimbaran was once a small fishing village. But despite the changes, it is the best fish restaurants here that are very affordable prices.

The advantage of this resort is that it is not practical as an Ib and flow, you can swim for the most part at any time convenient for tourists.

A large number of Jimbaran high quality and expensive hotels, democratic of them, but they are less. Often when choosing housing, the Tourist book luxurious private villa on their own. Peace and beautiful nature for peace lovers, secluded location, is the perfect choice.

Sanur :

     Was the first resort on Bali island, he became the first hotel was built here. Today, Sanur is an ideal place for a relaxing family holiday.

Elderly people, children, as well as newlyweds should focus on the first place when choosing a hotel. Here the water is a great sandy beach with good entry, whose length is approximately 7 km. The town is surrounded by greenery in yourself, walk leisurely with it, it is essential to take beautiful pictures. With sunset, life stops in Sanur. As the base of the hotel, I want to enjoy both rich people and oriented to the tourists who most budgets. It's the same problem with is worth noting that Ib and flow Snur, as in Nusa Dua,
In Sanur, Taman Festival Park, which is famous in Bali. It features a water park, attractions, roller coaster, laser shows are held every day, its mini zoo with crocodiles, turtles, and live snakes. Be sure to visit this park with your children, get a lot of impressions.

Tanjung Benoa :

     Tanjung Benoa is the youngest resort on Bali island. Today it is a small fishing village. The infrastructure of tourism is only grown here. However, the resort is already in great demand among Russian tourists.

Today, the holiday Tanjung Benoa can be described as calm and cool, can be focused more on family audiences with children. The resort is intended to provide middle-income, 4 stars, many hotels located here, some all-inclusive food to its guests.
For water sports lovers, it is also worth considering this resort. Here is the biggest sen

Lovina :

      Lovina is located on the north coast of Bali island. Among Russian tourists, there are very few people here, but my opinion is meaningless. The resort itself is unique, healing. The sand on the beaches is black, of volcanic origin. They mainly visit Lovina for a quiet and relaxing holiday. The big plus is that you're comfortable in very small numbers here, so there is a sense of solitude with nature.

Most tourists as a hotel, and choose individual villas or bungalows for very little money. A Dolfinarim entertainment Lovin where you can learn more about these amazing animals, take them places, take vivid images. I would also like to add that there are no waves practically Lovin, the sea calm and quiet for the most part, is ideal for swimming with children and older travellers.

Charming Bali - "God's Island" not only ancient temples and famous massage but are processed by rice fields, the hot sun to beat down, which is processed by the fleeing Indonesians. And fashionable hotels and noisy discos, dolphins, and volcanoes, shopping a rich cultural life and quality. Here you can feel like elite representatives if you live in a luxurious villa, or the simple mortal if you live in a simple cottage on the beach.

There are several options on Bali island where you can find a spot, and there are many ways to have fun. This is just for each of the four parts of the island that they are special. About resorts, amed and Lovina can be said briefly - "sea and silence." They are at a decent distance from the airport, and the infrastructure is not very well developed.

     In theory, there would be no problem in finding a decent restaurant, but here's vibrant nightlife is stressful. Therefore, perhaps, the crowds of travelers bypass these places. But if you want to want to see the real Bali and enjoy your vacation on it, you should come here.

Lovina is located in the northern part of the resort island, its main attractions are the beaches with black volcanic sand and hot springs at a distance of ten kilometers from the resort. From here you have a very interesting experience to live where dolphins can visit those places or Bali Barat National Park.

 In embed, which is located in the east, you can see dolphins, and even diving can. And then you can not forget that it was here that recently aroused Agung volcano has seen the best and the closest to the famous Besakik temple here.
European pensioners who, in theory, can afford a quality holiday, with young children as well as romantic youth, usually choose resorts in Sani and Jimbaran in Bali. Located in the south-west of Jimbaran island, it offers a great spa center, luxurious hotel and a wonderful selection of the freshest seafood in local restaurants.

     And in Sanur, on the contrary, there are different places - is an ancient Balini temple of the tenth century in a park, Blanjong village museum and nearby.

These are similar to each other by a wide selection of both resorts presence of shady lanes and various water activities. They are different, perhaps, only during low tide - If in Jimbaran they are almost not noticeable, So, at this time, the beaches do not look very beautiful.

where to stay bali
Beach in Sanur

     The following resorts - Kuta and Seminyak considered most days. Only Kuta is more crowded, clubbing with music and cheekbones, Rumbling with club music and cheeks, and the Seminyak are slightly more arrogant, but they are similar to each other.

in principle, these are located in the south-western part of the island, almost equidistant from both resorts airport. Here, of course, holidays that do not imagine themselves without noise.

Without the crowds and disco, a dozen restaurants in the evening, bars and cafes with stores like it most.
These resort beaches are also available, but only as they are captured practically by fans of surfing. The conditions here are simply excellent for them, even though the waves in Kut are somewhat higher.
For example, in some holidays, cottage, likes forth come out in the water park, and Seminaik spun countless art galleries and boutiques. You also can add style to life in these two resorts, but only a few very clear all - Seminyak price and certainly more expensive. Okay, accordingly, nothing to do with the children here.

If you want to relax in a five-star resort, then you should go to Nusa Dua. Here the territories of luxury hotels standing on the shore have been carefully preserved and the entrance to the common Balinese people is completely closed. So no one on the beach will exclusively offer you a massage or apply anything.

      After that, you just need to go to the fashionable SPA area. If you do not yet have it is not playing, you can take some golf lessons, Bali visit Collection shopping centre or visit the popular Devdan show. If you are bored suddenly old and foreign, it does not matter - to neighbouring Uluwatu. There are scattered throughout the grounds of an ancient temple and vast rice.

 After him, you just need to go to the fashionable SPA zone. If you are not playing it yet, you can also take some golf lessons, visit the Bali Collection Shopping centre or visit the popular Devdan Show. If you are suddenly bored of old times and foreigners, it does not matter - go to neighbouring Uluwatu. A mythological temple and vast rice fields are spread here.

      Recently, people have come to Bali not only to relax, but to live, and from all over the world. For this purpose, villas and small houses in more uninhabited areas of the island are rented on a cheaper basis. There you can hide completely from prying eyes. You can choose to resort to Sanur for example.

Its lagoon is completely hidden by the waves of the sea and there you can cheaply rent a full villa which has all the facilities - bathroom, kitchen, pool, and internet. By the way, renting such a villa does not cost more than an apartment in Moscow, but the rental price includes cleaning and sometimes you can come to cook dinner. In theory, similar circumstances are provided by Chang and Ubud. It is very simple to find yourself a suitable house for a long rental - "for rent" signs are hung on the fence.
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